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2 Guys Tree Care Service

2 Guys Tree Care Service
Removal of a large Cottonwood.

Storm Damage Repair - Edson, AB. Oct. 2004
Massive Cottonwood - The largest I've ever seen or pruned, early snow snapped a huge limb.

Same tree as above one day later, most leaves blown off in wind.

This picture gives you an idea of how big this tree is.

Tree Removal - Large Spruce between 2 homes.
Wayne in tree preparing tree for removal - Owner/Operator. 2 Guys With Saws

Edson Healthcare Centre - Edson, Alberta
Removal of Large Spruce May 14, 2004.

Dangerous Tree Removal
Large Spruce resting on Large Aspen. Bear Lake May, 2004

2 Guys Tree Care Service
Professional Tree Care Services.
Dangerous Tree
Removal, Pruning, Lot/Acerage Clearing, Storm Damage Repair, 24 Hr. Emergency Service, Residential, Commercial, Municipal Tree Care.
"Call 2 Guys For Tree Reasons"
2 Guys Tree Care Service, is an Alberta company, providing service to communities in West Central Alberta. Our mission statement,"exceed our customers expectations" applies to our quality of work as well as care and respect for your environment.  Through the use of rigging, (rope,pulley and highline systems), when required, we can provide service with minimal environmental impact. Every job is important, therefore individual attention tailored to your needs is what we provide. We achieve this by using safe, careful planning and honest, open communication. Arboriculture is the fifth most dangerous job in the world. Safety is our first priority. Every job requires Site Hazard Analysis and Identification, as well as Tree Hazard Analysis and Identification. Trees add value as well as other benefits to your home. One such benefit is Climate Control, obtained by moderating the effects of sun, wind and rain. When you want it done right, with prompt, courteous and reliable service, "Call 2 Guys For Tree Reasons". We want to be your, "Tree Care Professionals".

Edson Healthcare Centre
Wayne Preparing large spruce for removal.

Dangerous Tree Removal
90 Ft. Spruce. Site hazards- 2 homes, 5 powerlines, fence, deck

Ready to cut top off.
Needs to land in front of tree to miss 2 homes.

24 Hr. Emergency Service
Removed large Aspen that fell on an RV at Sherwood Forest RV Park, Edmonton, 2004.


Dangerous Tree Removal
Large black poplar, some limbs as big as trees.

Large Black Poplar
Between 2 Homes: Main St., Edson, AB.

DangerousTree Removal - Large Dead Black Poplar
1/2 Moon Lake Resort: Sherwood Park, AB., 2004

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 2 Guys Tree Care Service
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